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   Herbs can prolongate your life and fill each day of your existence with happiness of being healthy. Herbal medicine has been much written and even more spoken about. By the way, do you know why Siberian herbs are the most valuable among Phyto remedies? Not only do they grow in the ecologically friendly environment, they are collected mainly by hereditary herbalists. The secrets of harvesting medicinal plants are passed from generation to generation in Siberia. Collecting herbs is a special ritual. Knowing exactly where, when and how we can gather this or that herb is greatly significant. Of primary importance is to know when plants are ripe enough to reveal their most exceptional properties. When collected upon reaching their necessary level of maturity, these gifts of nature will produce the highest therapeutic effect. Considering Siberian climate peculiarities, herbalists have only a few months for harvesting. It is the time when fierce winter eventually yields to the power of sun rays and relative warmth. During that short period plants absorb the energy of clean soil and boon sun. They reach the peak level of their benefit for human health. All the power kept by plants during long winter months is concentrated in young green leaves. It is time to collect them!

   But what can those people who dream of Siberian health and energy do, if they can’t visit Siberia personally and explore the delicate art of Herbal Medicine or prepare their own collections using Siberian natural resources? We offer you a simple solution. Today you can get authentic Siberian herbs! Even more you do not have to leave your home! Order a ready herbal collection or make up an individual herbal blend with the expert’s help and enjoy generous gifts presented by mysterious and great Siberia with love!

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