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About SiberianHerbs.com

We are sure that you can feel so much better, and we are here to help you out!

They are a powerful source of natural health, they have been used by generations for a very long time. It suits anyone perfectly well; your age, gender, or where you live are of no importance. Of course, we are talking about natural herbs. They have been used as remedies around for ages, and they proved their efficiency long time ago. They are well known and widely used not only due to their efficiency, but also because they present a natural way of staying healthy, and they are available for anyone.


Dmitry Nenashev, PhD, Founder & CEO SiberianHerbs.com

Every day our clients are feeling better and better.


It is the most important thing for us. We have to know our activities bring positive results. We want to help people and nature. I feel really rewarded when we can achieve that. We have created this project for people to figure out the true causes of their diseases, eliminate them from their lives, and become healthier and happier. They are sure to do it through leading a conscious lifestyle, natural remedies, and positive attitude.


Mostly, illnesses appear due to our making bad choices in the past or our wrong mentality. After getting through certain diseases and cleansing we get aware of something really important. Keeping on a poor lifestyle, negative thoughts, stress, criticism about yourself and the surrounding world are the main reasons for triggering diseases. Our clients sometimes share their secrets of recovering with us. Perhaps, the principal one is “to spend time on tuning up for your recovery”. Find your own way to do that: meditation, breathing relaxation practices, or prayers. Try to feel the underlying causes of your diseases and eliminate them. You can use the time you are drinking our health-giving herbal compositions to align so deeply with your body. This way the results will be outstanding.


If you are already our client and would like to thank us, you have to thank our Nature. Take care of Nature as it takes care of You. Nowadays it is extremely vital. Try to purchase only essential items. Together we can change our habits to use the natural resources and preserve our ecosystem sustainably. There are different ecologically friendly means of transportation available, why not to consider using it? Live consciously and do sports. If you have an opportunity, donate to any environment protection foundations, as our company does. Good luck. Be healthy, Happy and Live in Love.


Why are natural herbs good for you?

They help to cope with various diseases. This is the most natural way to manage a lot of different illnesses. Herbs will regain your health in the most natural and holistic way. You will feel better as soon as you start drinking herbal tea, and the effect will last for a long time. We offer herbal teas to support your body when fighting with different diseases and help you feel better again.

They produce a positive effect on the entire organism. Not only will natural herbs help you to cope with diseases, but also your entire body will benefit from taking such remedies. Your organism will become stronger and healthier, you will improve your immune system which will help you to stop any illness. The herbs are a natural way to revitalize your organism and ensure that you will stay healthy and happy.

They are an effective addition to traditional medicine. It is a great idea to supplement your regular medical course with natural herbal remedies. This way your body will receive so much needed support and get stronger to fight a disease. Herbal teas are very effective, and you will feel much better as soon as you start drinking it regularly.

They make a smooth and gradual effect in accordance with your body state. Herbal teas produce a gentle effect on your body. If you drink any herbal tea regularly, you will soon observe positive changes in your body. You will feel healthier and stronger.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to help people become healthier by using only natural remedies. We strive to bring the best natural herbs to people living all over the world. Our products are specifically tailored to make each person feel better, to improve health and overall condition of the body.

We promote environmental awareness, nature-care and healthy lifestyle. Nature is our Mother, it is a source of life and health for every single person. We must preserve our environment for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

The last but not the least of our values is to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is of great significance, especially nowadays when living in big cities poses a lot of health risks. We promote the natural way of life, that is living in harmony with yourselves and nature.


Why do we do it?

Our product quality and effectiveness. We know 100% that our products are high quality and very effective. For many years we have been selling our herbal teas all across Russia, and helped thousands of people to feel better and healthier. Now it is time to bring Siberian herbs into the world. In our opinion, it is our most logical next step.

Being close to Siberia. Siberia is an ecologically pure region of the world, where rare medicinal herbs grow. We supervise each and every step of the tea production. We ensure you will receive only the top-quality product that will help to improve your health.

Unique product. What makes our teas unique? We have combined century old herbal recipes with the phyto-therapists’ newest developments to create outstanding health products for you.

European quality control. One of our offices is located in Estonia. We comply with European quality control standards and make sure that you will receive only the best herbal remedy.

SiberianHerbs.com is a great source of healthy and happy life. We strive to make all the people in the world healthy. All of us should feel as a part of the big eco system, as Nature is inside and outside us. We will be happy to see you among our healthy and happy customers!


The history of Siberian monastery teas