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Nowadays people are longing to improve their health and preserve youth, vigor and vitality, so nature gifts (for example, herbal remedies) are of particular importance. The history of herbal medicine goes deep into centuries, they date back to the days when the humans had no other means to support their bodies except for those found in nature. Lovingly, carefully, recipe by recipe, secret by secret did healers and herbalists accumulate their knowledge and pass it from generation to generation, who, in their turn, enriched it with their personal experience. That is how our ancestors’ wisdom came to present days. Today herbalists follow all subtle nuances of harvesting medicinal plants. They know the exact locations of necessary herbs and determine the very moments to gather the herbs, when they gain the maximum of their useful components and are fully prepared to share all the accumulated benefits for the good of a person.

Where to find professionals, who can mix a genuine herbal collection – i.e. a collection with a true required effect to cope with illnesses and regain the former health?

We will help you. Our store keeps a large variety of ready high-quality herbal collections for many different ailments. Each collection in the SiberianHerbs.com store contains best hand-picked healing herbs. Since many of our blend ingredients are harvested in Siberia, we can surely guarantee the high quality of our products. Siberia has preserved its good ecological environment which allows plants to accumulate and reveal their beneficial properties. The area supplies herbs and berries with crystal-clear waters and ringing air scented with the fragrance of pinewood storing the memories of merciless winter frosts.

Our herbal teas result from the close cooperation of herbal therapists applying advanced scientific technologies and hereditary herbalists practising the ancestors’ wisdom and experience. We offer you the best herbal remedies, their efficacy makes even skeptics bend low before the greatness and omnipotence of Nature.

In the 1970s a huge scientific research has been done, which resulted in created BPhD (computerized herbal therapy database). Years passed, and the database expanded tremendously, at the moment you can find almost any disease in the list and the effectiveness of phytotherapy for each specific illness. To find out more read the full article here.