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Herbal Collection For Your Body Health | SiberianHerbs.com

Herbal Collection For Your Body Health | SiberianHerbs.com

Posted On June 28, 2017 by Georgy, managing editor,

What kind of pictures do you imagine hearing the word “Siberia”? Certainly, vast expanses of an unexplored land, severe frosts in long winters and austere, though responsive Siberians. What else do you know about this wonderful and wild region?

Siberian health is a standard of strong immunity, stress tolerance and love for life.

People dwelling in Siberia have an incredibly good health. Otherwise they would not survive. How else can they adapt to cold snowy winters, which sometimes last more than six months? Winter temperatures often remain below 40 degrees Celsius for weeks. Nevertheless, Siberian people’s health is so robust that even the phrase "Siberian health" has become a set expression and is often used in Russian greetings to enhance the impression of traditional wishes. There are several explanations for this fact.

First, tempering is an integral part of Siberians’ everyday life. Bathing in ice-holes and rafting down chilly crystal-clear mountain rivers are the inheritance of local madcaps who abound in this region. During Siberian frosts, even household chores can be considered to be a kind of hardening on the verge of extreme.

Second, the life in taiga (boreal coniferous forest) itself provides prophylaxis for a variety of ailments. Pine trees are well known for their ability to filter the air from contaminants, including organic ones.

Finally, Siberia is an abundant land of medicinal plants! The area is fairly regarded as an ecologically safe region on the planet – and herbs growing there are famous for their miraculous qualities all over the world.

The secrets of Siberian herbs

Herbs can help even with serious illnesses; they do not just prolong life but also fill every day of your existence with a happy awareness of health. Herbal medicine has been much written and even more spoken. But do you know why Siberian herbs are the most valuable phytoremedies? On top of that they grow in a friendly environment, and they are collected mainly by hereditary herbalists. The secrets of harvesting medicinal plants are passed from generation to generation in Siberia. Collecting herbs is a ritual - knowing exactly where, when and how we can pick this or that herb up, and when the plant is ready to reveal its most exceptional qualities is especially valuable. When collected upon reaching their necessary maturity level, the gifts of nature are to produce their most healing impact on the body. Considering the Siberian climate specificity, the herbalists have only a few months for harvesting – when fierce winter briefly yields to the power of sun rays and relative warmth. During that short period, plants absorb the energy of the clean soil and generous sun, so they reach a record level of benefit for human health. All the power kept by plants during long winter months is concentrated in young green leaves, this is exactly the time for them to be collected.

Phytotherapy & Siberian Monastery Herbal Tea benefits. Opinion of "SiberianHerbs.com" Ambassador

What about those people, who dream of Siberian health and longevity, but they can’t visit Siberia personally and explore the delicate art of Herbal Medicine or prepare their own collections from Siberian natural herbs? There is a solution. Today you can get authentic Siberian herbs, and you do not even have to leave home! Order a ready herbal collection or make up an individual herbal blend with our advisors’ help - and enjoy generous gifts presented by mysterious and great Siberia with love!



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