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How Can Honey Help With Hypertension? | SiberianHerbs.com

How Can Honey Help With Hypertension? | SiberianHerbs.com

Posted On September 15, 2017 by Georgy, managing editor,

Healing properties of honey were discovered by our ancestors long ago. But do you know: How can this natural product help cope with increased blood pressure. What are its contraindication? What folk recipes are mostly appropriate at hypertension? The most important is how to get this wonderful remedy as a gift, that is free of charge?

Healing properties of honey

None can imagine folk medicine without honey. This ancient apiculture product helped our ancestors fight with illnesses hundreds of years ago. Honey produced its healing effect on hypertension that time, and nowadays people haven’t forgotten about its wonderful properties.

The most useful and significant properties of honey:
It efficiently fights against bacteria, fungi, and viruses;
It is used in curing a lot of diseases: diabetes, hypertension, flu, cold, indigestion and bowel disorder, anemia, gout, arthritis, etc.;
It acts as a good sedative remedy – only one tea spoon of honey taken before going to bed can help to fall asleep;
Honey can raise our vitality;
It eliminates this unpleasant feeling of nausea;
It replenishes calcium and phosphorus balance preventing cramps;
It normalizes hemoglobulin index;
favorably influences the work of heart and digestive system;
It is used as a beauty product to improve complexion.

Can honey help at hypertension?

A group of scientists tried to answer this question, some years ago they performed the research to reveal the efficiency of honey to cope with increased arterial pressure. The experiment involved elderly people from 60 to 80 years old. They were divided into three groups: the first one comprised people who were treated only with drugs, the second one included people who were treated with apitherapy (bee venom) and the last one involved people who were treated with Honey.

The research results are presented in the table below. Indicators present only the arithmetic mean. The up and down deviations are possible by 4-5 %.

Treatment method Pressure is decreased (%)
Medication 20
Apitherapy 15
Honey 7


Thus, honey decreases blood pressure and produces a favorable effect on hypertension. Of special value is Siberian honey, because it is collected in ecologically clean areas full of various herbs. But you have to realize that honey is not a magic remedy, it temporarily relieves the disease. Hypertension can’t be eliminated this way. This disease requires a complex treatment which is impossible without medication.


Whatever useful honey could be, it mustn’t be used in some definite cases. It should be taken into account when curing hypertension.

Allergic reaction on honey;
Aggravation of stomach diseases.

Honey recipes for hypertension

Here are some simple methods of folk medicine to fight against hypertension with the help of honey
Mix honey and beetroot juice in equal proportions. Take a table spoon 3-4 times a day
Add a little of lemon juice into 100 g of honey and pour it in hot milk. The drink is taken before going to bed, as it helps both to decrease blood pressure and fall asleep
Add a table spoon of cinnamon into 100 g of honey. Take a tea spoon with water after lunch. To get an efficient result, it is necessary to use this remedy for 2 weeks
It is also recommended to add honey into special herbal teas for hypertension. For example, Monastery tea for Hypertension. You will get a healing cocktail to prevent and cure increased blood pressure
To prevent hypertension brew ginger tea with honey

After ordering Monastery tea for Hypertension, you will get a small cask of Siberian honey as a GIFT. So, you will be able to try an excellent folk recipe to fight and prevent increased blood pressure. The medical effect of this tea is intensified when taken with HONEY. Read more how to make an order and to get Siberian HONEY as a gift.



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