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Hypertension: 5 Most Valuable Habits to Follow | SiberianHerbs.com

Hypertension: 5 Most Valuable Habits to Follow | SiberianHerbs.com

Posted On August 15, 2017 by Georgy, managing editor,

Keep your blood pressure down. Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure? There are certain lifestyle changes that you should consider getting it under control. Also, if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, these habits will help you take some preventative measures. Stay healthy and strong!

Balanced Diet. We’ve talked about this before, but it is a very important thing to keep in mind. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy are the essentials. In addition, you should consider including lean proteins into your nutrition (that would be boneless chicken and fish). Overall, you need a diet low in saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol, added sugars, and try to avoid trans fats.

Salt Intake. Sodium chloride (salt) is the key. The research shows that people, who limit the amount of salt intake, experience lower blood pressure. The general amount of salt per day would be 2,300 mg, but if you’ve already been diagnosed with hypertension, it is better to go even lower, up to 1,500 mg. Just don’t forget to check the amount of sodium chloride on packaged food!

Stop Smoking. This habit is very difficult to get rid of. But giving up smoking is really worth it! Although smoking is not considered to be one of the reasons for developing hypertension, it negatively affects vessel walls, which is very dangerous for people suffering from high blood pressure. Anti-smoking Siberian monastery tea may be of help! It is indispensable while fighting against nicotine addiction.

Measure Your Blood Pressure Regularly. As we have pointed out in previous letters, pre-hypertension and first stages might not be even manifested. Blood pressure rises gradually, and your body has enough time to adapt. So, you will not feel any discomfort, but it doesn’t mean that you are completely healthy. Hence, it is so important to regularly monitor your blood pressure.

Relax and Sleep. Practice relaxation. Find what suits you the most. During your busy day find some time for yourself. Maybe, you would like to meditate, do yoga, or practice breathing relaxation techniques, it is completely up to you. Or brew a good cup of Tranquilizing Siberian Monastery Tea! Enjoy delicious herbal composition, this tea will sooth you, help you relax and sleep better.
Healthy sleep is also vital. The research shows that people who sleep less than 5 hours per day suffer from hypertension more frequently than those who get healthy 6-9-hour sleep. It is recommended to sleep in a cool room with a lot of fresh air, and the temperature of 17—20 °С. The room is to be quiet and dark. Try not work before going to bed, it will help you in case of insomnia.

These are just the basic important ideas for you to follow so as to take your blood pressure under control. It doesn’t matter which stage of hypertension you have; these habits will help you improve your condition. If you already have pre-hypertension, these measures may help you prevent developing the disease.

We wish you to stay healthy!



Kind regards,
SiberianHerbs.com Team


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