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Hypertension: Healthy Lifestyle | SiberianHerbs.com

Hypertension: Healthy Lifestyle | SiberianHerbs.com

Posted On August 18, 2017 by Georgy, managing editor,

Useful lifestyle tips to make you feel better. Hypertension is a serious disease, it is important to keep it under control. If left untreated, hypertension will develop and cause significant damage to your body.

This illness demands certain changes in your lifestyle. Today we would like to discuss some great preventative tips and a number of things that you should avoid. If you already have hypertension, this tips will help you feel better.

Healthy routine - arrange your life routine so that you have enough time for sleeping and exercising, preferably in the open air.

Don’t forget to constantly monitor your blood pressure, measuring it at the same time several times a day. Use special tonometers. You have to do it both being motionless and after physical activities, and observe how long it will take your pressure get back to its normal state.

You have to control your weight. It is vital for a person who is fighting with hypertension, especially in case of diabetes. Losing extra 10 kilograms has been proved to give 5 mmHg decrease of blood pressure. To know whether your weight influences your disease, you can use a special body-weight index.

You should follow a proper diet to control your weight. Doing so you can both lose extra weight and normalize your metabolism.

Take as less salt as possible. Blood pressure often goes up due to taking too much salt, because it leads to water retention in the body. You can take as much as 5 g salt a day, it is worthwhile avoiding products that contain a lot of salt. This measure can reduce blood pressure by 2 mm Hg.

Your diet should include a lot products rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. These elements positively affect muscles of heart and vessels. Magnesium helps relax vessels. Fermented dairy products contain a lot of useful elements.

Don’t overdo with strong coffee, you’d better change it by herbal teas, for example Anti-Hypertension Siberian Monastery Tea, which normalizes heart pressure.

Alcohol, as arterial hypertension often results in pathological processes in heart and brain. If forget about strong drinks, your blood pressure goes down by 4 mm Hg. Those having hypertension could take 50 g of wine or cognac a day – 100 ml not more.

Get rid of smoking, it is very important. You can try our anti-smoking Siberian monastery tea; its composition includes only natural herbs selected in appropriate proportions. Each plant beneficially influences the body and helps cope with addiction.

Start working out, and you will be able to avoid complications accompanying hypertension. You have to walk a lot, for example in the park at least half an hour. If you follow an active way of life, your blood pressure gets down by 5 mm Hg.

Try to stay calm and avoid stress. Due to these factors a lot of adrenalin gets into blood which causes arterial pressure to rise.

You are responsible for your health. Don’t forget it!



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