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Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №14)

Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №14)

Eco Natural herbs. How do they work?

  • Inhibits
    tumor growth
    (Bearberry, Birch pods)

  • Reduces negative
    tumor impact
    (Nettle, Immortelle)

  • Reduces
    pain sensations
    (Sage, Motherwort)

  • Other positive effects
    View all

100% money back guarantee. See details.

Doesn't require a prescription
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Quality:  Premium
NOT A DRUG (traditional Siberian herbs, a natural remedy)
Effectiveness depends on constitutional peculiarities

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Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea is recommended as an additional product aimed at raising the natural body resistance at different stages of oncological diseases. By stimulating the immune system, this blend of monastic herbs helps to treat intoxication during chemotherapy, recover impaired hemopoiesis in the bone marrow. The infusion improves the functioning of kidneys, urinary system and digestive tract, prevents morbid growth. The regular intake of Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery tea helps to fight against a threatening disease for those who have just known their diagnosis as well as those who have been already undergoing a complex and devastating treatment for a long time.

The effect of Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea containing 16 herbs is stipulated by microelements necessary for health on the cellular level. Microelements provide cell metabolism which is an important condition for proper body functioning, and they are highly tolerant for the whole system.

According to the information from Wikipedia and respected publications on phytotherapy (Andrew Chevallier “Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide to 550 Key Herbs with all their Uses as Remedies for Common Ailments Hardcover”, DK Adult Publisher; David Hoffman “Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy: Modern Herbal Medicine”, Elsevier Health Sciences Publisher; Schulz V., Hänsel R., Blumenthal M. and Tyler V. E. “Rational Phytotherapy”, Springer-Verlag Publisher, Berlin-Heidelberg; Rosemary Gladstar “Herbs for Common Ailments: How to Make and Use Herbal Remedies for Home Health Care”, Storey Publishing, LLC). Effectiveness depends on constitutional peculiarities. The herbal mix assists in coping with the following symptoms and ailments:

 Benign tumor
 Malignant tumor
 Body toxins
 Stomach aches
 Immune system decline
 Oncological diseases
 and other symptoms


The recipe of Siberian Monastery Teas was developed by monks from Orthodox monasteries in North Siberia, Russia. They used them to survive in the harsh climate and to get energy for long night prayers, in addition, there was a permanent threat of a hostile invasion. Special herbal teas provided them with stamina and strengthened their health. The tea secret lies in its balanced composition of herbs collected in eco-friendly regions.

Our herbal teas are produced due to the close cooperation of herbal therapists applying advanced scientific technologies and hereditary herbalists practicing century-old ancestors’ experience. We offer you the best herbal remedies, the product of Nature grandeur and omnipotence.


Effective composition of Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery Tea

Effectiveness depends on constitutional peculiarities. The composition includes only natural herbs selected in appropriate proportions. Each plant beneficially influences the body and helps cope with the disease.

Nettle (Urtica)
Nettle produces an expressed purifying action, which is important for removing toxins from the body. By activating hemopoiesis processes, the plant promotes hemoglobin rise, invigorates and stimulates metabolism. Nettle contains such necessary microelements as cuprum, chlorine and selenium. Moreover, it contains tanning agents and organic acids. Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea with nettle provides anti-inflammatory effect, improves the blood clotting factor and normalizes the performance of urinary, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.

Sage (leaves) (Salvia)
Sage (leaves) comprises lithium, manganese, chromium, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Due to its tanning agents and herbal antibiotic salvia (sage) provides analgesic effects. Sage is a proven folk medicine for stopping inflammations. Sage enriched with vitamin P and flavonoids strengthens vascular walls as well as improves the performance of cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Immortelle (Helichrysum)
Immortelle stimulates hepatocytes; therefore, it favorably influences liver and gall bladder. Having immortelle in its composition, Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea balances toxic effects of the tumor itself and chemotherapy.

Wild rose (Rōsa)
Wild rose is used for tumors in folk preparations. The herb has a diuretic effect. Owing to the unique combination of microelements, vitamins, flavonoids, apple and citrine acids wild rose is a powerful stimulator of the immune system.

Tickseed (Bidens)
Tickseed participates in the process of hemopoiesis and favorably influences the blood clotting factor.

Bearberry (Arctostáphylos)
Bearberry improves adrenal glands health and suppresses the growth of benign and malignant formations by preventing cells from mutations.

Milfoil (Achilléa)
Milfoil provides anti-inflammatory effects on the body and stimulates choleretic processes. Its action is enhanced by mugwort that is present in Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea. Furthermore, mugwort is helpful for digestion.

Thyme (Thýmus serpýllum)
Thyme was added to Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea due to its antiseptic properties and capability to stop inflammations.

Buckthorn (Frangula)
Buckthorn enriched with iodine improves phosphorus and calcium decomposition, and it is also important for thyroid functioning.

Birch buds (Betula alba)
Birch buds contain barium that suppresses tumor growth. This herbal component contains aluminum, manganese, boron and nickel which significantly improve the body resistance to oncological disease.

Linder (flowers) (Tília)
Linder (flowers) is rich in cuprum which is important for hemopoiesis, release of insulin and pituitary hormones as well as for a proper cell metabolism.

Cudweed (Gnaphálium)
Fen cudweed contains tangible doses of iron, like cuprum it improves cell metabolism and hemopoiesis processes.

Motherwort (Leonúrus)
Motherwort included into Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea (16 herbs) provides soothing effects and helps to reduce pains in case of renal colic.

Camomile (Matricária)
Camomile is prescribed along with other herbs as a support in chemotherapy. Being used to prevent inflammations, this plant can significantly lower down the risk of complications while managing oncological diseases.

Straw flower (Helichrýsum arenárium)
Thanks to its antibleeding effect straw flower is generally recommended to take in case of lesions in digestive and urinary system organs. Straw flower is one of the most effective anti-tumor folk products.

Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea is not a drug product, but it is highly effective as a supplement to the main therapy in case of oncological diseases. 

Contraindications: idiosyncrasy, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Contraindications: idiosyncrasy, pregnancy, breast-feeding. During a course, it is not recommended to take big quantities of other herbs. 

(*) We do not guarantee miraculous recovery from all ailments with help of this tea. However, we can claim that this Siberian Monastery tea is sure to be very helpful in preventing diseases and improving health due to numerous benefits of herbs comprising this tea, century-long experience of successful herbal treatment in Siberia and reliable feedback from our clients.

The instruction for Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea, which can be purchased in our shop, enumerates all the herbs included into its composition. Additionally, it contains some comprehensive information to this description and provides recommendations for brewing and storing the tea. This infusion may be referred to as a folk remedy for cancer and tumors; it is not officially recognized as a drug product.

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How safe is Siberian Monastery Tea?

Monastery tea is an exceptional natural remedy based on an ancient recipe. At the same time, modern doctors and phytotherapists prove each tea effectiveness through clinical trials. All our products undergo the mandatory certification and European quality control. The tea contains only herbs and nothing else. All the herbs used grow in wild in ecologically clean areas. Thanks to these environmentally friendly conditions they accumulate maximum of their useful qualities. Enjoy them. Be healthy.
Unlike most pills the herbal tea doesn’t have any side effects. In very rare cases (approx. 1 out of 2000 people) there might be a slight allergic reaction due to the personal hypersensitivity to separate components. If you have got such a reaction, you can take advantage of our refund policy and receive your money back.
Monastery tea should not be taken if you have the following conditions: pregnancy and lactation, just because there haven’t been any clinical trials performed with such patients, so we can’t guarantee any good results. For the same reason, it is not recommended for children under 14 years old.


Easy brewing of Monastery tea


Where can I buy Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea?

You can order high quality Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea at the best price in our shop. We provide worldwide delivery and “pharmacy”-accurate weighing.

Information Sample (100g)
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
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“Anti-Tumor Effect”
Complete course (600g)
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
Two complete courses
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
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We advise to buy 300g (with extra 10% discount), 600g (with extra 30% discount) or 1200g (with extra 40% discount) of this nice tea. You will be able to fully experience the peculiar flavor of this blend and notice its beneficial influence on your body.

How to maximize the effectiveness of Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea?

General Siberian Monastery Tea can enhance the effectiveness of the anti - tumor blend. The composition of herbs in Monastery tea is optimal for invigorating protective body powers, which is especially important in fighting against oncological diseases and treatment consequences.



We don’t guarantee the same result. It’s just feedback from our clients.

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Are you looking for an anti-tumor solution?
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Information Sample (100g)
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
Minimal course (300g)
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
Complete course (600g)
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
Two complete courses
“Anti-Tumor Effect”
Shipping $9 free free free
Money back guarantee
Honey bonus ? - - ​​
Discount, % - 10% off 30% off 40% off
Discount, $ - save $21 save $124 save $331
Total price $78 $186 $290 $497


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