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Personalized Herbal Remedies – Hit the target!

Our catalogue contains a large assortment of Monastery Teas. In addition to the Monastery collection of Total Action, there are herbal blends for special purposes: for women's health, for vessels, liver, kidneys and stomach, hypertension, osteochondrosis, rheumatic diseases, diabetes and prostate. The Monastery Antitumor Tea, the Monastery Teas from Smoking and Alcoholism are also available. Nevertheless, even with such a wide range, our customers sometimes require special compositions capable to cope with the diseases which are not covered by the finished blends palette.

We offer a very effective solution - personal herbal mixtures and phytotherapy remedies!

While making a custom-prepared herbal compound, we take into account the individual characteristics of your body. The plants for our herbal teas are chosen accordingly to your own ailments and symptoms. We calculate herbal proportions in order to obtain maximum possible positive results from the used traditional remedy. Moreover, we find other means of phytotherapy to match the herbal mixtures. Such complexes lead to a more fruitful effect.

Selecting individual collections and phytotherapy aids is the duty of the highly qualified herbal therapists and the hereditary herbalists, who work closely with our company. This approach allows achieving maximum effectiveness as it is based on combination of centuries-old successful herbal experience and the modern scientific basis of medicinal plants usage against various diseases.

Unfortunately, humans often have to rebuff several diseases simultaneously. Our bodies are designed so that health problems are growing like a snowball. Yielding one ailment, we become unprotected for others. Besides, because of constant stress, poor ecology and unhealthy lifestyle, a modern human is prone to the diseases of the cardiovascular system, stomach, kidneys, liver and other organs. If you find yourself in such an unpleasant situation, individual selection of herbal agents can be a rescue. Herbal recipe, developed especially for you, will provide a complex impact on all your diseases.

How to order a personal collection of herbs

Placing an order for an individual collection of herbs is not difficult. Simply fill in this form.

Please, note - the more detailed and complete your answers, the more effective the herbal collection that we prepare for you. Specify the diagnosed disease, describe the treatment you already received, write about your bothering symptoms. Enclose doctor’s statements if there are any, it will help us to get a thorough understanding of what herbal tea is the best for you. Be sure to indicate whether you have already used herbal remedies and when.

We do not guarantee that individual collections are a panacea for all diseases. But we are sure that our approach to herbal medicine gives the highest possible phytotherapeutical result.

An individually composed herbal collection is a reliable support to your health and longevity!