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Phytotherapy: Is It a Real Science? | SiberianHerbs.com

Phytotherapy: Is It a Real Science? | SiberianHerbs.com

Posted On June 29, 2017 by Georgy, managing editor,

Nowadays there are still a lot of doubts regarding the phytotherapy effectiveness. Most people prefer to stick to the traditional medicine and cure their illnesses with regular pills and syrups. They tend to overlook phytotherapy benefits[1][2] and rely on regular treatments they have used over and over throughout their lives.

Although, we don’t want to discredit the regular medicine, but it is important to acknowledge that phytotherapy is no less effective, and its effectiveness is scientifically tested and proven. Just like any traditional medical treatment phytotherapy measures are widely used today and show great results.

All around the world people start using herbs to strengthen their health, and they always get convinced that they work. There have been many clinical tests[3][4][5] and trials to prove herbs effectiveness and to make sure that there are no unexpected side effects.

Is it really possible to improve health with herbs?

Herbs contain a complex of various useful elements with healing effects. Depending on the elements the herbal composition contains, it may cause different effects on a body. In fact, it can influence almost all processes in your body. Starting with improving the digestion system and metabolism to actually bettering the health of a certain organ. Based on the specific composition you can achieve positive impact you are looking for. Or you can strengthen your general organism health and use herbs as a supplement together with the traditional medical treatment.

At the beginning of 1970s, BPhD (computerized herbal therapy database) was invented. This database helped to analyze statistics and dynamic of phytotherapy efficiency and the rate of treatment. Basically, this research shows the effectiveness of phytotherapy in cases of different diseases, including oncology, and others. You can read the full report here.

Regular medicinal preparations are often based on extracts of different plants; however, they also contain harmful preservatives and chemical ingredients. This is a side effect of taking pills and syrups, you never know what kind of harmful ingredients are included in their composition. Why would you prefer to take toxic and modified products if you have an opportunity to avoid doing so? Herbal tea gives you a unique chance to completely control what exactly you consume. You select perfectly pure natural herbal composition and then brew it yourself, being sure that only useful elements get inside your body, so no chemicals and preservatives get inside.

There are no side effects

Unlike most drugs that have side effects, herbs literally have none. Not only do herbs improve your overall health and provide an integrated effect on your body, but most importantly you are not going to feel any side effects. In a way, it has a “double health” effect, it protects your body without causing any additional harm.

Natural herbs[6][7] have a smooth and gradual effect giving your organism enough time to recover and feel relief. Steady healing process allows you to improve your health in a comfortable way, without any stressful and drastical changes.

On top of that, herbs are a perfect option for preventative care. They gently support your organism health helping to avoid any major diseases. It is a natural way to prevent any serious illnesses and keep you fit. Your body will stay in a good shape, and you will feel energetic without any effort.

Where can I buy excellent quality phytotherapy herbal compositions?

At the SiberianHerbs.com, of course! We offer only the best quality of herbal compositions, and we guarantee you are going to be pleased with our products. We invite you to make purchases in our online store, because we are the best herbal tea provider out there, and we will be happy to deliver you just what you are looking for.

To prepare our herbal tea, we use herbs only from Siberia which is one of the ecologically cleanest regions in the entire world. We use the most advanced modern technologies to collect and dry herbs, because our main goal is to preserve all their useful properties. You can rely on us, we deliver the cleanest purest products that will help you to improve your health and feel better.

We offer unique traditional recipes that have been tested by previous generations. People have been using herbs for medical purposes for ages, and we’ve learned all these techniques to create an effective product for you. We put together the traditional knowledge about herbs with the modern and innovative phytotherapy research in order to bring you the best product possible.

Our selection of the recipes has everything you need. We have done our best when creating herbal compositions, and we are sure they can cover a huge spectrum of diseases. We’ve got all that you need!


European quality standards of our products – we have done thorough work to test and examine our products to make sure that we deliver outstanding quality compositions to you. Moreover, we offer 100% refund policy!

Phytotherapy in official clinical practice


Kind regards,
SiberianHerbs.com Team



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