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Privacy Policy

Siberian Herbs highly appreciates its customers; therefore, your security and privacy are treated as our top priorities. We have never sold, lent or disclosed our users’ personal information without legal demand and never will do it.

Your registration on our Site proves that you realize and accept the way Siberian Herbs uses, collects, stores, leases or otherwise manages all the users’ personal information as described below. The following points are taken as rules of your security policy.

1) Collection and Management of users’ personal data.

We are entitled to collect your personal data in case you: (i) perform any actions with the products or services presented on our Site (i.e. purchase, return, order, request, exchange etc.); (ii) go through the registration process on our Site (or otherwise participate in its functioning); (iii) give us feedback, comments or otherwise use or contact the Call Center or Customer Service; (iv) participate in any surveys, contests or lotteries conducted on or through our Site. Consider that we may also obtain your personal data from the third parties (i.e. providers of e-commerce on the Site) if they have a right to disclose it.

Furthermore, it should be noted that no information transmitted through or stored in the Internet is totally secure or guaranteed to be confidential. While we take all the measurements necessary to ensure security and privacy of your personal data, we may not guarantee or secure you against an unauthorized access or disclosure of your personal information, its theft or destruction. We bear no responsibility in cases of any illegal removal and/or management of your personal data on our Site by the third parties. While being registered, you are to create a password needed to protect your personal data on our Site. You are highly recommended not to disclose your password to anyone. Also, we advise you to create a password as complex as reasonably possible. You are solely responsible for your username’s confidentiality, account, password and any actions performed on your behalf under your username, account or password.

2) Cookies.

The Site may use “Cookies” to store a small amount of information on your device while visiting our Site. This process is necessary for (but not limited to) the following actions: (i) identify your likes and preferences so that we could modify or customize the platform and its services; (ii) provide you with advertising and commercials complying with your interests, search history or query; (iii) undertake the analysis of customers’ demands; (iv) provide you with personalized content and information, (v) incorporate security measurements (i.e. re-logging after a series of failed attempts to log in); (vi) identify possible fraudulent or dishonest activities or schemes. Once Cookies statistical data are collected, we have no rights to sell, lent or disclose them until legally demanded.

“Cookies” are stored on your device hard-drive as a text-file. This file may either be automatically expired after each session of the browser use (“Session cookies”) or be permanent (“Persistent cookies”). You can decide yourself whether to accept or disable Cookies by modifying the browser settings (follow the instructions described in “Help” page). If you choose Cookies to be declined, we will not be able to provide you with any customized information or perform other actions described above. Irrespective of this, our Site will still be accessible.

3) Secure purchase

Being submitted your personal information is secured both Offline and Online. This is evidenced by the locked green Lock-icon on the left of the address-bar and by “https” protocol in the address-bar (not “http”). These features prove that you are in the secured-page, and your connection with our web-server is protected.

The only personal information we have access to is your credit card details. This information is necessary for us to issue the payment. We cannot post any charges on you since only you can perform charges (payment) by passing through your credit card security control. The confidential information is encrypted and then stored on our Site secured by the encryption software.

4) Marketing

When registered, you may subscribe for the Site updates concerning our news, sales, surveys, special offers, products or services. Your personal information (i.e. telephone number, e-mail address or home address) will be used to send out information and commercials we believe to be of interest to our customers.

5) Information disclosure

We retain the right to disclose your personal data to the third parties such as our partners or related reporting companies if we believe their services, products or information to be of interest to our customers. They may be used to contact you via mail, e-mail or telephone to bring the information about company services or products to your notice.

6) Collected data

To improve our services and customize information for each user we are entitled to track each visit to our Site. It is essential to ensure that we conform to our customers’ demands and take advantage of using technological equipment. The data obtained include the type of your device used to enter the Site, its operating system, the browser type etc.

The information described is collected with the help of the third parties such as Google. For instance, Google Analytics tool helps us make measurements to evaluate the manner of customers and potential users’ performing actions on or through the Site. The process of data gathering is fully anonymous and is done in aggregate way.

7) Partners and Supporting Services

Some of our partners and Supporting Services (whether those are affiliating companies or not) may also have access to your personal information. This access is necessary for them to perform their distinct functions and provide you with specific services related to our Site. Those services include (but not limited to): (i) electronic commerce, marketing distribution; (ii) processing post charges, authorization or payment (i.e. banks); (iii) data analysis, cleansing, the Site evaluation (i.e. Google); (iv) security, fraud protection; (v) updating product and service as well as customization (i.e. manufacturers); (vi) delivery and shipment (i.e. Russian Post or any other delivery service you or we choose). The organizations may have access to your information and are responsible for its confidential use necessary to fulfill their direct duties. We have no rights to sell, lent or disclose your personal information for any other purposes rather than for performing their professional functions.

8) Legal proceedings

In case of legal claims to disclose your personal data on behalf of the government authorities or judicial officials, we or our third-party partners are obliged to present it without your consent or court process according to the laws in place in the Russian Federation. Such cases may include (but are not limited to): (i) matters of personal and public safety; (ii) contravening law or violating any other legal regulations made by you; (iii) damage or loss occurred as a result of your actions on the Site; (iv) payroll embarrassment (debt) etc. Your personal information will be provided to the appropriate authorities or responsible services and officials (i.e. court, attorney, police, tax office, debt-collection service).

9) Organization transfer

Your personal information may be transmitted or transferred to the third parties as a part of transaction in case we sell our business (fully or partially), dedicate and use it as a security deposit or any other transfer to the third parties.

10) Outside links

Make notice that this posting and Security Policy expressed are extended to this Site only. All third-party websites you may find on our Site through any links presented (our partners, advertisers etc.) have their own Security Control and Privacy Policies. Those sites may also collect and operate your personal data according to their Terms of Use, so make sure you are familiar with their Privacy Policy before disclosing any personal data to any third parties found through this Site. Once transmitted, we will no longer be able to control the data you have disclosed or claim them back.

11) Privacy Policy Modifications

We retain the right to introduce any changes to our Privacy Policy to comply with the new legal regulations and reflect changes in our business operation. Considering this, we recommend you regularly to come back and revise this posting; all the changes will be presented in this page. We may also notify our users about the modifications through the main page or by e-mail.