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Siberia – The Source Of Your Health | SiberianHerbs.com

Siberia – The Source Of Your Health | SiberianHerbs.com

Posted On June 28, 2017 by Georgy, managing editor,

Siberia[1] is a faraway place, but it is one of the cleanest regions of the planet. It has been long untouched by civilization, that it is why its environment is preserved. Not only does it have clean air and soil, but its entire ecosystem is intact. Siberia is the land of green grass, fresh water and absolutely pure nature.

From the beginning of times this place was inhabited by peaceful and pure people. They live far away from major cities and manage to remain closely connected with Mother nature. Siberian people know perfectly well the language of nature; therefore, it has been sharing its generous gifts with those who live in Siberia. Nature is a true source of health and strength for local people. There is still no access to the Internet, electricity and other commodities of the modern society in remote regions of Siberia.

The weather in Siberia is famous for its extreme changes. In winter it gets as cold as minus 50 degrees Celsius in some places. And in summer it is very hot, up to 35 degrees Celsius. The drastic weather changes enable Siberian people to adapt and learn reliable ways to survive.

Health is the crucial factor for local people, and they know all about maintaining their bodies strong and healthy under tough conditions. Strengthening health with natural remedies has become an inseparable part of the indigenous culture, and literally it is their lifestyle. Traditional recipes of medical herbal compositions have been long passed from generation to generation. Families keep their own recipes for herbal remedies[2][3][4][5] against all sorts of diseases. Everybody in Siberia know the true power of herbal remedies. People know when and how to gather the right herbs and to brew them properly. Local healers use herbs to help people fight against various diseases, even serious illnesses, they provide people with relief from sickness and strength.

Many specific healing herbs[6] grow only in Siberia. We use these herbs to produce special compositions based on traditional Siberian recipes for our project Siberianherbs.com. Our goal is to make the natural source of health and strength available to all people around the world. Even to those people who live very far away from Siberia. These herbs can really help, and we make sure that you receive your natural herbal remedy where you live.

You can order herbal Siberian compositions on our website Siberianherbs.com

The main benefits of our herbal teas are:

Wide variety of compositions for different types of diseases. We collect the best traditional Siberian recipes specially for you. Our compositions will help you to get rid of many diseases in the most natural way. You will feel healthy and strong again.

Authentic ancient recipes tested by many generations. Some of the herbs grow only in Siberia, and local people know best how to make effective herbal compositions. We collect the recipes that have been long passed from generation to generations. You won’t find these unique tea compositions anywhere else.

Modern phyto-therapists confirm the impressive effect of Siberian herbal teas. We combine traditional recipes of local Siberian people with the newest scientific research results in order to deliver excellent quality products for you. Only finest herbal compositions tested by our specialists are selected to be presented in our online store.

Eco-clean herbs. Siberia is an untouched pure land; the modern world hasn’t reached this part of the world yet. The region is clean as well as all the plants that grow there. We collect only the high quality herbs growing in the cleanest soil to make sure that you can get the best product possible.

European quality control at each production stage. We implement European quality control standards when picking, drying and packing our product. You can rely on us and the outstanding quality of our products. Our mission is to introduce the healing powers of Siberian herbal teas to the world and to make its miraculous effect available to every person in the world.

Siberia: Mine of Health. Siberian monastery herbal teas


Kind regards,
SiberianHerbs.com Team



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